About Eeka

Hi I'm Eeka (which is my nickname) and you can read about how I got it
I'm a 30-something mother of 2, writer, photographer, lover of vintage, Star Wars, crochet, crafts and cupcakes! I'm a Jill of all trades and I love a good adventure. I try to document it all here on my little blog that I have been running since August of 2010! I push through a lot of different struggles like depression and general anxiety disorder. I also have dyslexia so pardon any spelling mishaps please. Writing is a challenge for me, but I made it through high school and college with no help, only my own perseverance. I also have two books in the works. One is a memoir and the other is Fantasy. I can't wait to share more about them once I get closer to finishing!

My Hobbies

1.I love Photography. You can see some of my photography here: Frozen Waterfalls &  Fur Baby Portraits.

2.Getting dressed up and doing charity work and appearances with The 501st Legion.

Tha's me!  DZ-11133

3.Baking, baking, baking! I love cupcakes but I also make breads, cookies, pastries, cakes and anything else that is sweet.

4.Writing. I write short stories, I've started 2 books and I indulge in poetry. I have a huge poetry collection, a lot of it is also written by me.

5.I love discovering new ways of being creative! My latest obsession is Bob Ross paintings, he's on Youtube!

I move a lot! In my 35 years of life I think I've moved about 30 something times...
Currently I'm living in Vermont, but i'm a Cali girl through and through...born and raised in
Orange County.

As far as my background goes, I come from a very multi-cultural family. My mother is Filipino, Hawaiian and Chinese. My father is English, Irish, German, & Lakota Sioux.
 Religion: Buddhist.

This is my partner Mary. She's absolutely wonderful! She has my back in everything I do, and she is my solid ground when I feel like like everything around me is falling apart. We share a love that even words couldn't begin to express. She's my Twin Flame.

 The Fur Babies

Princess Cupcake Ninja Sprinkles a.k.a "The Ninja"
Mr. Kovu

Pretty Petunia :) a.k.a "Pa-tootie" 
Pretty Little Raja!

Handsome Noah!

The Human Babies

My daughter Justice (and aspiring model) and my awesome son Cody. These two humans are my world.

That's a little bit about me! If you have any questions feel free to leave it below!

 I hope you're having an awesome day :)


  1. Hey! I just found your blog and had to follow you.

    It's the first time I find a fellow blogger with similar interests to mine and who also dances under the rainbow with Dorothy. I've been with my partner for the last 5 years and we plan to get married as soon as it becomes legal here in Puerto Rico or as soon as we can afford to travel and plan a wedding somewhere else. I too enjoy photography, baking and anything creative. I'm about to start a new crafty adventure as soon as my supplies get here. Have an awesome weekend and take care.

    1. Nice to meet you Yadira! Nice to know another crafty "family" member :D I wish you luck on your wedding plans! Keep in touch :)

  2. Your blog is so adorable! So glad I found it. What an interesting cultural background your family has! Love it! :)

  3. OMG! Your fur babies are SO freaking cute. You are gorgeous. I ♥ that you adore cupcakes and I am so excited to get to "know" you!

  4. You and your wife are absolutely adorable together. I'm so happy I found your blog! I, too, have ADD and I completely understand how frazzled and distracted one can get. I actually was writing a college application when I got distracted and wound up on this blog...haha. I, too, have moved a lot (only around eight times in the past six years, but I'm only 17). It's cool how well I can relate to you even though you're an adult and I'm a teenager!

  5. Hi Erica! Discovered your blog thru Jane and I'm so glad I did! Funny 'cause I was telling my boyfriend that if ever we get a dog, we'd name him/her Cupcake. Princess Cupcake Ninja definitely had me at hello. So so cute!
    I'm Filipino but I'm based in Dubai so reading that you're also part Filipino is so cool.

    Looking forward to more posts from you. :)

  6. Hi Eeka! Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm following you as well. And I'm so happy to find out that you're Mom is Filipino. I'm a Filipino as well. Have a great weekend! :)



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