Pretty Petunia

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Make a donation to The Humane Society, click Here....I did!

This is my beautiful Petunia. I don't think I ever did a blog post dedicated to just her. She's my best fur baby and I love her so much! I rescued her from North Country Animal League when I lived in Vermont. She came all the way from Indiana. My beautiful pup is a pit bull/hound mix. 

When I first met her, she was very shy. She was abused as a puppy and they thought that she might have been used as a bait dog. She has some small scars and her some of her teeth have been shaved down which can be signs that she was baited. She was also very skiddish, it took about a year for her to completely feel safe with us. 

She has been my best friend for over 5 years now!  She gives the best kisses and loves to chase squirrels. Car rides are her favorite. She is also Cupcakes (my kitten) adopted mom. Petunia has taken care of Cupcake since she was 5 weeks old. She's an awesome mommy! She even shares her food and water with Cupcake....

So the next time your thinking about getting a new pet, please consider adopting. You never know whose life you will save....or whose life will save you!
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  1. I'm so glad to have found you - a fellow animal lover! Bless you for your kindness to this sweet, beautiful dog! Ours is also a rescue - from a hoarder. We heartily support our Humane Society and a low cost spay/neuter clinic. We also have 6 cats - half are rescued ferals - half from the HS.
    Your pictures are wonderful - what a cute, happy family you are!

  2. I got Gypsy the Feline Dictator from the RSPCA. Rescue animals are the best, I never could understand why people choose to go to pet shops instead.

  3. Petunia's so pretty. Bless you for your good heart. She's such a sweet thing. And it looks like you're getting along well.

  4. Petunia seems like a darling!
    It's extremely beautiful, the fact that you chose adoption.
    I'll keep that in mind the next time.

    The last line took my heart away.
    My dog actually saved my life. :)

    Take care.

  5. Awww SO adorable! Adopting pets is so fulfilling.


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