Halloween Is Coming!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's almost Halloween and I can'e wait! That's me up there with the blue wig. I was a female Mad Hatter a few Halloweens ago. I was actually was going to dress up as Coraline, but I couldn't get the costume right so  I went with this. Of course it was a little bit more skimpy than a Mad Hatter should dress but I wore a coat, so that toned it downed. I honestly have no idea what were going to dress up like this year, but I think I have a few ideas. If worse comes to worse I'll dress up like a doll. Anyway, I've been looking all over the internet for vintage costumes and here a few that I found, that I thought were really cute. What do think?

What are your Halloween plans? Parties? Trick or treating with the little ones? We still go trick or treating with our kids and it's so fun! We also try to go to as many haunted events as we can find.

I hope your all having a great week so far!


  1. Super cute!!! I can't think of a single thing to dress up as :(

  2. I love you in the blue wig. I actually didn't even know it was you at first! I have wanted to be Coraline as well! haha It'd be fun to be her with button eyes, but I'd really need to plan that costume out more and I am stuck between two choices as of now for what I wanna be this year.
    As for the vintage costumes - I LOVE!! I've seen those pictures every year, usually at Halloween and Christmas and they're always so inspiring. Like, why can't that be me?! haha
    I have been loving every time I see your name in my comments. Your comments always make my day! I'll be responding to them on my blog soon. I just wanted to say thank you, they don't go unnoticed. :)
    Mikey and I still don't have set plans for Halloween. One day during the weekend beforehand I will likely be bartending so that'll be cool. I get to dress up at work! Weee And Halloween day is a Wednesday but our professor said we can dress up there, too! How cool is that? I definitely wanna go trick or treating though. I never got too old to stop with that. Free candy? I think so.

  3. Halloween is pretty fun but we don't really celebrate it where I live! Waahh! I also think you should get blue hair permanently :)



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