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Monday, May 21, 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall.......

Alright, I know, mirror shot. Not the most professional, but I don't care. I'm not a professional model, with lighting and photographers ever ready, so I use mirrors sometimes. Plus I think their funny. It's hard to pose and make sure your not making a stupid face. Anyway, this top is one of my favorites! 
I bought it from Hot Topic a long time ago. It's my go to top when I'm trying to lose weight because it helps hide a little. My in-laws let me borrow their P90x, so we will see what happens. I need to lose about 23 pounds to be at a healthy weight...and that's my goal. I want to be healthy, not skinny.

If your wondering, I took these pictures in my bathroom. You can't tell in the picture, but my bathroom is pretty antique looking with it's baby blue accents and old wood. I love it!

 I finally re-touched my pink. I get a lot of compliments on my hair, the only problem with pinks and reds,  is that they fade so fast! I try skipping days of shampooing, but I have healthy hair so it gets oily fast.
Same day..started out hair down...humidity hit...and hair went up. I'm also using my old Nikon Coolpix again. the battery is rechargeable and its low maintenance and easy to take me with me everywhere. It can fit into the pocket of that Roxy jacket I'm wearing, which I bought last year on my honeymoon cruise. I can't believe our 1 year anniversary is in 2 weeks!
Well I hope you enjoy my totally un-professional pictures!


  1. Ahhh I love your hair! The color at the ends really stands out! I've always wanted color in my hair, but all hair dressers tell me my hair is too dark :(

    daydream frenzy

    1. That's not true, I went to cosmetology school and if it's really dark coarse hair it just take a couple of times to process it.

  2. I love your hair! I completely understand your frustration with reds and pinks though. I had bright red hair at the start of the year and two weeks after dying it the colour would be nearly completely washed out! I eventually dyed it to brown again because i couldn't handle the maintenance. You should definitely try shampoo's specifically made for red hair (even just on your ends). They keep the colour in for longer and make it brighter :)

    You have a lovely blog. I'm following you now. If you can, swing by my page :)

    Jess xxx


    1. Thanks for the advice...I always forget about those shampoos...lol


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