Eeka Cupcake Ninja

Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Traditions

Let's talk about a girl named Eeka (Erica).........which is me silly. This picture is from April 2010 when I went to visit my family in California and this is me and my nephew Joon (Kevin Jr.) in Vegas. Do you see a pattern?

A lot of people can't figure out where the name Eeka came from. Well being part Filipino, we have a lot of fun traditions and one of them is family nicknames. My nephew in the picture couldn't pronounce his r's when he was little, hence Erica came out as Eeka....and stuck. My mom has always called me Eeka, so it's okay if you call me Eeka as far as the cupcake ninja...well that's me too. When I'm around cupcakes you better watch out! I am a fearless Cupcake Ninja! I will eat them all!