My Disney Side

Thursday, May 4, 2017

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned it here, but I am a HUGE  Disney fan! In fact the very first movie that I saw in a movie theater (that I can remember!) was The Little Mermaid. I fell in love and never looked back. I had to watch everything Disney! I was relentless. When I was little you could always find me impatiently waiting to watch the Mickey Mouse Club on TV. Even the older black and white version! 

Here we have a tribute to my 9th birthday. It was 1990. I'm sporting my stylish Minnie Mouse shirt.

Oh my! Was I a dorky kid or what?! Who gives themselves bunny ears?? I should try to re-create this picture...but anyways. As I grew, my love for all things Disney grew. Anytime a Disney movie came out in theaters I had to go. Once I was old enough to go to Disneyland with just my friends, you bet I had a year pass with the least amount of black-out days! 

Here we have myself  and my best friend Jamie. It's 1995 and Toon Town was brand new!

Look how cute 'gansta' Eeka is! HA! Funny thing though, I did end up in Disney jail once, but we can talk about that another time! Moving on....

As you can imagine I love all things Disney and here is my list of my top 10 ALL TIME favorite Disney movies:

10. Cinderella
9. Lilo & Stitch
8. Mulan
7. Beauty & The Beast
6. Cinderella
5. Enchanted
4. Frozen
3. The Little Mermaid
2. Moana
1. Tangled

That list is always changing I feel. And don't get me wrong I pretty much love them all! I know Star Wars is now apart of Disney now, but it will always be a separate category to me. Though it is very exciting to have two of my favorite fandoms merge. 

My very first favorite Disney Princess was Ariel. We have a lot in common, except I'm not a mermaid, or a princess, or married to a prince...ha ha! Okay so maybe just the part about being raised by her dad and having a yearning to be in a world that is different from the one I was in. I never felt like I fit in. I still don't! I loved that she wasn't afraid to do what she needed to do to be with the one she was in love with, though as an adult when I look at it now, I'm like wow that's a weird story! I also read the original Hans Christian Andersen tale, and that's even worse!

Fast forward to today and Tangled has become my favorite! Moana is right behind. Rapunzel and I have so much in common! Except I wasn't kidnapped as a child, and I'm not a Princess, nor did I grow up in a tower! I did have a lizard as a pet, befriended a bunch of rough-ians, and been on more adventures than I can count! Unfortunately my hair does not have magical properties, though It's been many magical colors! 

Here are some of my favorite Disney movie moments:

Do you love Disney? I would love to hear about it!


Outfit Diary - Stormtrooper Skirt

Saturday, April 22, 2017

 Outfit Details: 
Cardigan - Thrifted
Tank top - Target
Skirt - ME! (Fabric is from Jo-Ann fabrics)
Necklace - Disney
R2D2 Chap stick - A.C. Moore 

Hola! Super nerdy outfit post here and wow I took a little bit of a break there! If I'm being completely honest I needed it! I have this really bad habit of piling a lot on my plate. I've also been working on my anxiety and Panic Disorder. In fact the other day I ran all of our errands alone, which is a really big deal for me, though I did end up with a bad anxiety attack after. Aside from that I've noticed that keeping myself busy and working with my hands helps a lot! I've been painting, writing, and sewing! The skirt you see here took me about 3 hours to make (it was my first skirt) and was really easy to make! If you are interested in trying it out yourself here are the links to the Youtube videos I used for reference:

 Skirts/dresses pockets

Simple Skirt

Add pockets to anything

It feels so satisfying making my own clothes, and all the money I'm saving in the process. Plus I feel like I have a strange shape and this way I'm able to have the perfect fit with comfort too.

I have also been on this kick where I feel that all clothing should have pockets, and when I made this skirt pockets were the first thing that came to mind. The pockets ended up being my favorite part! Unfortunately when I made the skirt I used my hand for measuring when I should have used my IPhone! I have the IPhone 7 plus and it doesn't fit. The next skirt I make I will make sure it fits.

Another fun thing I'm wearing is my new badge for the 501st Legion. I got it for when I'm not in my Jawa robes and when I'm wrangling. I think it's cool that it also has my PR Officer title. I help out with The New England Garrison's social media, which is a lot of fun!

And did you notice my hair? Can I say that gray hair is the hardest color I have ever tried to achieve? Because it is! My poor hairdresser had the hardest time trying to lighten it and I just recently re-toned it. Overall I love though! Have you ever had a hard time achieving a specific color?

I had a lot of fun taking pictures for this, as you can probably tell. My awesome fiance Mary was taking all the pics and my daughter was there too making me laugh. I love them so much.

Anyway, Thanks for stopping by!


Review: Ipsy Monthly Glam Bag

Sunday, March 26, 2017

What's inside the Glam Bag:

-Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Satin
-Ldykin Affinitic Snail Cream
-theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer
-Burt's Bees Lipstick in Suede Splash
-Ouai Treatment Hair Mask

All these fun surprises I tried! I've been looking for a monthly subscription for a while now and I'm glad I chose Ipsy. The lipstick is my favorite out of all the items. It's the perfect everyday shade and very natural looking. I'm also a huge Burt's Bee fan. I'm not a huge fan of the lotion though. Yes the tiny snail is adorable, but it wasn't enough lotion. It was a tiny dab, but besides that I really liked everything in it! It's only $10 a month and it's a sweet surprise to check your mail and see that hot pink bag!

Do you have a monthly subscription? I would love know!